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BizBox Reseller FAQ
After Signup, Whatelse Do I Need?

You Will Need A Domain Name to use as your main domain. This name should be registered with us so that you can manage it yourself. You can register one Here

Also, it is important you buy SSL certificate. This system will not work on a site that is not secured!  Click Here to pick a cheap SSL for your site.

Who Owns The Domain Name?

You own your main domain name. This name will be pushed into your account after setup. This will enable you to manage it without involving SignOnHost

Will My Customers Know About SignOnHost?

This is a 100% White Lebaled Reseller Solution. Your users will never see anything that is related to SignOnHost. Not now and not in the future.

How Long Will It Take For My Site To Go Up?

We setup your site within 24hrs after registering here.

Do I Need SSL Cerficate?
Yes, this is needed for your site to work well. You can buy one here:

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